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Briar Children of the Night - Masque of the Wolf for Supernatural Powers

The Ancients feared my wild spirit. I am the perfected predator. In full moon’s luster, I grow stron..


Briar Children of the Night - Night of the Wolf for Power & Wisdom

My strength never falters while the moon shines, for I am King of Shapeshifters. Great warrior of th..


Briar Children of the Night - Song of the Lycan for Transformation

Do not tremble at my howl, for it is not you I seek to destroy but that which would hurt you. Nothin..


Briar Dharma Charms Pendant - Victory Banner for Strength of Purpose

Victory Banner for Strength of Purpose Victory of the activities of body, speech and mind over ob..


Karin Roberts' Art Card 6 Pack Lion Magic for Strength

Spread some mystic love with these beautiful Animal Magic Art cards by Karin Roberts. Each card is S..


Mythic Celts Pendant - Luna Dragon for Strength on Life's Journey

The Celts believed that these nocturnal dragons traveled across the night at the sight of the moon c..


Nature's Power Pendant - Garnet for Strengthening Friendship & Love

A powerful amulet to create a bond between friends & lovers. Approximate 1" sealed vial with nat..


Talisman & Elemental Card - Earth for Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn

The alchemical symbol for Earth is embellished with the Earth Zodiac signs (Taurus, Virgo & Capr..