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60" x 90" Goddess Cerridwen Tapestry

"Blessed Be" shows at the top of this tapestry. The design includes a cloaked priestess or the Godde..


7 Chakra Tapestry 54" x 86"

Vibrant tie dye on this tapestry is multi colored and shows a seated person in lotus pose illustrate..


Ancient Celtic Knot Tapestry 72" x 108"

This beautiful, 100% cotton wall hanging features an elaborate pattern of Celtic design, featuring t..


Buddha Tapestry 72" x 108"

Displaying Buddha within a border of interwoven Celtic knots, this wall tapestry is a powerful symbo..


Celestial Tapestry 72" x 108"

This 72" by 108" Celestial tapestry features smiling suns. moons and stars playing across its cente..


Celtic Pentagram tapestry 58" x 82"

This tapestry has a centered pentagram, and Celtic designing, can be used for your spiritual space a..


Celtic Tree of Life Tapestry 72" x 108"

This 72" by 108" tapestry depicts the Celtic Tree of Life in a lightly tie-dyed green on a black bac..


Chakra Tapestry 72" x 108"

Lotus and Om motif are cirlced by the primary chakra symbols combined - they are some of the most fa..


Cycle of Ages Tapestry 54" x 86"

This multi color tapestry has concentric circles with symbols and numbered time positions along with..


Elephant Tree Tapestry 54" x 86"

This vibrant Tree of Life tapestry, makes a wonderful wall hanging or even a top bed cover. It is a ..


Floral Triquetra Tapestry 72" x 108"

Black on Blue & Yellows, Knots & Flowers with Celtic Triquetra Center & Knot Borders, 100% Hand-loom..


Ganesh Tapestry 84" x 96"

This tapestry has the look of brush painted multi colors. Lord Ganesha renowned son of Shiva is know..


Ganesha Multi Color Tapestry 30" x 40"

This brilliant Ganesha multi color tapestry, is a wonderful way to decorate or to display to remove ..


Green and Black Green Man Tapestry 72" x 108"

Bring the majesty of the Greenman, a powerful symbol of rebirth and the magic and mystery of nature,..


Green Man Gift Set

A collection of Green Man Gear that includes a 17" x 20" Green Man themed green and black backpack (..


Hamsa Hand of Compassion Tapestry 72" x 108"

100% cotton tapestry/bedspread 72" x 108". Hand of Compassion black & white design. Made in India...


Lotus Ganesh Tapestry 54" x 86"

Brightly vibrant Lotus Ganesha Tapestry. can be used on a twin bed or as a wall hanging. 100% cotton..


Moon Goddess Phase Tapestry 72" x 108"

The Moon Phase tapestry offers a beautiful blend of ancient Celtic imagery alongside a representatio..


Om Lotus tapestry 58" x 82"

Tapestry of Om and Lotus. Celebrate the symbols of a wonderous path. It is designed in tans, browns ..


Om Multi Color Tapestry 54" x 86"

Large Om, colorful tie dye tapestry, each tapestry has it's own color patterns...