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Altar Cloth - 36" x 36" Blue Nile Goddess

Discover the Nile Moon Goddess portrayed on this lovely cloth, which can be used as a scarf or altar..


Altar Cloth - 36" x 36" Fatima Hand blue tie dye

The hand of Fatima or Hamsa is an ancient symbol to protect from the evil eye and negative influence..


Green Man Gift Set

A collection of Green Man Gear that includes a 17" x 20" Green Man themed green and black backpack, ..


Sarong - 72" x 44" Sun, Moon, Stars Tie Dye

Creating beauty in an image composed of stark contrasts this large sarong illustrates a scene of sta..


Tapestry - 54" x 86" - Lotus Ganesh in Cotton

Brightly vibrant Lotus Ganes Tapestry. can be used on a twin bed or as a wall hanging. 100% cotton. ..


Tapestry - 54" x 86" - Sun with Peace Signs & Yin Yang Mandala on Blue Cotton

This multi color mandala tapestry, has a smiling sun with bright eyes. Sun, Peace Sign, Yin Yan..


Tapestry - 54" x 86" - Tree of Life in Cotton

This vibrant Tree of Life tapestry, makes a wonderful wall hanging or even a top bed cover. It is a ..


Tapestry - 54" x 86" Owl in Handloomed Cotton

100% Hand-loomed Cotton, a beautiful center design of an owl front center with warm color designing,..


Tapestry - 54" x 86" Yin Yang Dolphins

This Yin Yang multi color tapestry shows this classic taoist symbol with dolphins, stars, moon and b..


Tapestry - 58" x 82" Celtic Pentagram in Purple, Blue, Magenta on Black

This tapestry has a centered pentagram, and Celtic designing, can be used for your spiritual space a..


Tapestry - 58" x 82" Yin Yang in Black, Red, Gray

Our black and red Yin Yang tapestry has a light grey background base color, with a large centered yi..


Tapestry - 72" x 108" Buddha in Purple, Gold, Blue Hand Dyed Rayon

Buddha, depicted inside a border of interwoven Celtic knots, this large tapestry holds powerful symb..


Tapestry - 72" x 108" Flower Pentagram Tapestry

Presenting a complex weave of green, yellow and blue flowers mingling with Celtic knots, this Tapest..


Tapestry - 72" x 108" Goddess of Earth in Gold, Black Hand Dyed Broadcloth

This 100% cotton tapestry beautifully portrays the Goddess of the Earth within a pentagram and frame..


Tapestry - 72" x 108" Moon Phase in Green, Black Hand Dyed Broadcloth

A Moon Phase tapestry with imagery of the Ancients, alongside the symbol of the cycle of the moon in..


Tapestry - 72" x 108" Peace Signs on Tie Dye Hand Dyed Rayon

Dorm decorating or dressing up walls, use this briht tapestry as a bed cover, or even a couch accent..


Tapestry - 72" x 108" - Sun King in gold, red, black on Cotton

The Sun King, or Sun God, printed in the center of this Tapestry. He rests on a quarter moon and is ..


Tapestry - 72" x 108" Red Triple Moon Pentagram

Woven of 100% cotton, this red tapestry shows a triple moon at its center. This symbol for the waxin..


Tapestry - 84" x 96" Skull & Flowers on Black Handloomed Cotton

A bright image of a Day of the Dead Skull on black with a floral border. 84" x 96". Black Handloomed..