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Albano Waite tarot

Pamela Colman Smith's artwork was pumped up with vibrant colors by Frankie Albano. The deck was orig..


Blue Angel oracle deck & book by Toni Carmine Salerno

Be guided by the Blue Angel, Archangel Michael, to a sacred space filled with eternal wisdom. On thi..


Book of Shadows Tarot (2 decks) by Barbara Moore

The Book of Shadows Complete Kit. The Book of Shadows Tarot is made of two decks: As Above, explorin..


Buddhism Reading Cards by Sofan Chan

The Buddhism Reading Cards are designed as an easy and simple introduction to the fundamental teachi..


Cat People Tarot Deck by Karen Kuykendall

The Cat People Tarot deck is a powerful blend of symbolism and the imagery of science fiction and fa..


Celestial Tarot Deck by Steventon & Clark

A handbook of the heavens, the Celestial Tarot blends myths, symbols, astronomy, and more with the t..


Complete Tarot Kit deck & book by Susan Levitt

The Complete Tarot Kit includes everything needed for beginner to intermediate students. The book wi..


Connolly Tarot Deck by Peter Paul & Eileen Connolly

Each picture portrayed on the 78 cards of this tarot deck create a feel that like that of medieval s..


Cosmic Tarot Deck by Norbert Losche

Depicting symbols and icons from several eras, The Cosmic Tarot offers the tarot reader interpretati..


Crystal Visions Tarot Deck by Jenifer Galasso

With vibrant color schemes and faerie imagery, Jennifer Galasso renders the traditional tarot symbol..


Egyptian Tarot by Silvana Alasia

This 78 card deck is a reproduction of the deck in the book Practical Astrology, by C. Saint Germain..


Faerytale Oracle Deck by Lucy Cavendish

Grounded in the epic tradition and timeless wisdom of faerytales, this oracle reveals the meanings a..


Halloween Tarot by West & Kipling

This delightful tarot deck introduces you to the festive, old time Halloween world of Kipling West, ..


Herbal Tarot Deck by Tierra & Cantin

Blending the healing properties of traditional herbs with the symbolism of the Tarot, the Herbal Tar..


Law of Attraction tarot deck & book by Marina Roveda

Including a 78 card deck and a full-color companion guidebook, the Law of Attraction deck and book s..


Les Vampires by Lucy Cavendish

A stunning deck designed for those facing difficult decisions, upheaval in relationships or wishing ..


Mini Tarot Tin - Sun and Moon by Vanessa Decort

By playfully incorporating mythology and astrology, Vanessa Decort brings unique interpretations to ..


Native Heart Healing Oracle & Guidebook by Melanie Ware

The Native Heart Healing Oracle is a mandala-based ascension tool for spiritual healing. Each of the..


Rider-Waite Pocket Tarot Deck by Pamela Colman Smith

Here is the world's most popular tarot deck, the Rider-Wait Tarot, provided for you in a convenient ..


Rune Oracle Cards by Cosimo Musio

The runes are an ancient and powerful set of symbols originating in northern Europe. Discover how th..