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Bat Purse by Alchemy of England Gothic -22%

Bat Purse by Alchemy of England Gothic

Sculpted leather bat-shaped purse, with zip-top & curb chain strap. Approximate Dimensions: Widt..

$82.95 $64.99

Bed of Blood Roses Gothic Necklace by Alchemy of England

The heart is the seedbed of tangled emotions and condemned romance, as black roses flourish in ..


Black Vampire Coat New

Black Vampire Coat

100% Cotton Fabric, Satin Lining, Large Bell Cuffs,  Metal Buttons..


Children of the Night - Ankh of Immortal Infinity for Life by Briar

I come from Luxor and the Nile, in ancient ritual made strong and powerful. No hand may destroy me f..


Children of the Night - Blood Trinity to Live, to Love & Live Evermore by Briar

Share with me my roses’ red nectar in sweet unity. Our forbidden communion shall take us from yearni..


Children of the Night - Carpe Noctum for Dark Destiny by Briar

Night’s rose smells sweeter than her sister who blooms by day. I whisper my prayer to your lovelines..


Children of the Night - Dance of the Vampire for Timeless Beauty by Briar

Dance of the Vampire for Timeless BeautyMy gentle kiss melts away your sorrow, my soft caress stills..


Children of the Night - Masque of the Vampire for Immortality by Briar

Join me at the Undead Masquerade, where none shall disturb our intimate embrace. I await you in the ..


Children of the Night - The Vampire Rose for Immortal Seduction by Briar

Your velvet skin, soft like a perfect rose, shall neither wither nor die. My thorns keep your tender..


Children of the Night - Vampire Blood Amulet for Life by Briar

We share a secret no one may discover: My life force will be your making. You shall become exception..


Coffin Wallet by Alchemy of England Gothic

They say you can't take your money with you! Well, now you can with this Alchemy money coffin. A sim..


Halloween Oracle by Stacey Demarco

Unleash your inner monster and trick-or-treat your way into a connection with the most magical and s..


Les Vampires by Lucy Cavendish

A stunning deck designed for those facing difficult decisions, upheaval in relationships or wishing ..


Men's Vampire Cloak New

Men's Vampire Cloak

A luxurious cloak made for special occasions only !! The cotton velvet fabric keeps the wearer warm ..


Nocti-Dame Ear Wrap New

Nocti-Dame Ear Wrap

A black and demonic gargoylian companion, monumentally attending your presence in the depths of the ..


Rosa Nocta Earcuff New

Rosa Nocta Earcuff

The amorous magical properties of a combined pentagram and a black rose are as obscure as they are p..


Steampunk Post Apocalyptic Trench Coat

Made from Rugged Faux Leather, Post Apocalyptic Steampunk Trench Coat is a complete Steampunk outfit..


Steampunk Under-bust Vampire Women's Trench Coat

Steampunk Under-bust Vampire Trench Coat is made from soft & durable Suede fabric with Faux Leat..


Vervain Cut (Verbena hastata) (Blue Vervain) 1 Lb

A powerful aid in warding off evil spirits and vampires, Vervain is also a great aid of divination, ..


Vervain Cut 1oz (Verbena hastata)

A powerful aid in warding off evil spirits and vampires, Vervain is also a great aid of divination, ..