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Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom by Rachel Pollack

The two volumes of Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom have inspired a whole generation of tarot student..


Shaman Box oracle dk & bk by Nicholas Breeze Wood New

Shaman Box oracle dk & bk by Nicholas Breeze Wood

The instructional book provides a clear and engaging introduction to shamans?who they are, where the..


Shaman Wisdom Cards by Leita Richesson

Inspired by North American Indian tradition, legend, life, lore, and religion. Readers may use the 6..


Shamanic Journey Gift Set -26%

Shamanic Journey Gift Set

Shamanic Journey Gift Set includes a bone & beaded 24" choker, white sage smudge, shell burner, ..

$53.95 $39.95

Silver Witchcraft Tarot by Moore & Rivolli

Expressing the wisdom and magic of the ages through Lunas ethereal light, the Silver Witchcraft Taro..


Spirit of the Animals Oracle by Jody Bergsma

This magnificent oracle by Jody Bergsma will guide you on a journey to get to know 51 different anim..


Spiritsong tarot deck by Paulina Cassidy

This Spiritsong deck is a melding of two traditions of divination: one in which animals are seen as ..


Starman Tarot Deck & Book by Davide De Angelis

One of the most eagerly anticipated tarot sets! Years in the making, a must have for collectors! One..


Steampunk Tarot Deck & Book by Barbara Moore

With a turn of the wheel and a spin of the cog, the oracular machinery lumbers into action. The time..


Tarot Bible by Sarah Bartlett

Starting with the basicschoosing the best pack, understanding the deck and its structure, asking the..


Tarot Familiars Aminal Oracle

From the artwork of world-renowned fantasy artist Lisa Parker, Tarot Familiars is a deck of charm, m..


Tarot For Beginners by Barbara Moore

Find in-depth interpretations of each card from the Major and Minor Arcana, an explanation of the Ta..


Tarot of the White Cats Mini Deck by Baraldi

Follow the wisdom and astute guidance of the felines with the delicate Tarot of the White Cats mini ..


Tarot Plain and Simple by Anthony Louis

Learn the basic meaning and symbolism of the Tarot with Tarot, Plain and Simple, to learn how to bet..


Tarot Spreads by Moore

Tarot Spreads presents techniques usually found only in workshops, plus nearly seventy different the..


Thelema Tarot Bag by Lo Scarabeo 6" x 9"

Thelema tarot bag is dramatic bag, with elegant long haired woman holding both gold and silver chal..


Tree of Life Velveteen Bag 5"

The Tree of Life is a powerful symbol of the union between all things earthly and divine, making thi..


Universal Tarot Bag by Lo Scarabeo 6" x 9"

A wonderful bag designed for storing your tarot or other ritual tools in! This bag comes with a draw..


Velveteen Bags 7 Colors in 3 Sizes

Velveteen pouches in black, blue, brown, burgundy, green, purple, and red. Sizes :  2" x 2 1/2"..


Victorian Steampunk Tarot by Liz Dean

This innovative deck pairs steampunk and tarot, helping you to unravel the mysteries of the past, pr..